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Why Certified Farmers Markets?

California State regulations required farmers to use standard pack size and labeling for their fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts to transport and sell in markets until 1977. Farmers did not have any direct-to-consumer marketing options other than selling on their own property. In 1977, Governor Brown signed an executive order allowing farmers to sell directly to the public and allowed exemptions from complying with regulations for size, packaging, and transportation standards for fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

The core mission of Certified Farmers Markets is supporting California farmers and ranchers through direct marketing to the public. This requires producers to take responsibility for the decisions and activities involved in all phases of bringing an agricultural product to market. CFMs also provide a benefit to the consumer, allowing direct communication with the people producing food and the people consuming it. Consumers can ask directly about practices important to them that may or may not take place on the farm or ranch. Buying from a Certified Producer ensures the consumer that they are buying directly from the person or family who grew or raised the product.

Certified Farmers Markets are “points of sale” locations for California agricultural products that are certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture but also may include non-agricultural products, cottage foods, prepared foods, and arts. CFMs are authorized by the county agricultural commissioner and abide by current state and county legislation and regulations in addition to their own market rules.

Modoc Certified Farmers Markets are a project of Modoc Harvest, a non-profit organization promoting local food education and access. The first Modoc Certified Farmers Market began in 2013 with the Surprise Valley Saturday Market in Cedarville. It has now expanded to include the Surprise Valley Saturday Market and the Alturas Farmers Market. Modoc Certified Farmers Markets are the first and only Certified Farmers Markets in Modoc County.

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